Apricot File Area Index

File Area 5...WFWG, LAN Manager and LAN Server, and Misc OS/2 Files
File Area 7...Windows 95 Files.
File Area 31..Apricot 'Generic' Public-Domain Software.
File Area 32..Apricot IBM Compatible Public-Domain Software.
File Area 33..MF_Net Release 6 to MF_Net Release 7 Upgrade.
File Area 34..VX_Net2/MF_Net7 to VX_Net2.1/MF_Net7.1 Upgrade.
File Area 35..VXNET2.1/MFNET7.1 to VXNET2.11/MFNET7.11 Upgrade.
File Area 36..VX_Net Release 3.13 Update Files.
File Area 37..Novell Netware Files & Device Drivers.
File Area 38..VX_Net Release 3.14 Files.
File Area 39..Apricot XENIX/UNIX Files.
File Area 40..Apricot Technical Bulletins & Documentation.
File Area 41..Apricot Release Disks (compressed format).
File Area 42..Miscellaneous Apricot DOS Files.
File Area 43..Apricot BIOS files.
File Area 44..Apricot Shogun FT//mp Server files.
File Area 45..Miscellaneous Apricot Files.
File Area 88..WINDOWS NT - Fixes, Patches and Updates
Disk File Area..ACT Apricot disks